About 505s

SAP and the 505s

SAP has a proud and longstanding history in sailing and 2014 will mark the sixth year of involvement with the 5O5 Worlds. It’s also the return to Germany and Kiel that makes this event very special for SAP, as everything started with the 2007 5o5 European Championships in this very special place
Over the past years, SAP has developed solutions to help make sailing simpler for competitors via data and analytics, increase fan excitement with live tracking and provide the media with information and insights to deliver a better informed commentary.
In Kiel, SAP will apply innovative sailing solutions to help make this Championship the most exciting yet.


Advancing the 505 World Championship

Last year in Barbados, SAP helped the 5O5 World Championship run better by enhancing the largest regatta that the 5O5 Class has ever seen for sailors, the media and fans – both onsite and online.

SAP will work with sailors throughout the event to provide them with tools to enable greater insight into tactics and performance. At the end of each day, sailor debriefs will be hosted by SAP analytics experts in the SAP Sailors Lounge (debriefs will commence following the conclusion of racing). The SAP team will take sailors through sailing analytics – these analytics provide a comprehensive breakdown of race performance and allow sailors to pinpoint areas where they can optimise their strategy and compare their performance to the rest of the over 160 teams in the fleet.


505s Connected

In addition, SAP further enhanced the regatta for the 5O5 Race Committee, broadcasters, and fans through the provision of the SAP Race Committee App. The mobile SAP Race Committee app simplifies the communication between the race committee, spectators and other interested parties. With just a few simple clicks, the committee can schedule races, communicate the start and end of races, record start violations and update the status of each race on a publicly available website.

SAP’s online live center provided fans with a vast array of functionality including a live stream, live commentary and live race visualisations in both 2D and 3D, as well as a live chat feature and social media hub, giving fans access to the race action in real-time like never before. Post-race, SAP also made race-replays and visualisations available keeping sailors and fans updated on all of the regatta action to date.

As title sponsor of the 2014 SAP 5O5 World Championship in Kiel, SAP aims to tell the story of its commitment to technology and innovation, as well as provide the audience with engaging, relevant, and essential coverage of the regatta.